Comprehensive Reform Service in Mallorca

At EPIC we provide remodeling and alteration services in Mallorca for residential, commercial and corporate properties. We take complete care throughout the entirety of the work and are able to call upon all the necessary professional trades and skills to deliver, be it repairs, masonry, plumbing, carpentry and installations, including up to the complete modification and rehabilitation of town houses, farms, villas, chalets and apartments.  

To carry out a comprehensive renovation in your home, you can place your full trust in the trajectory and professionalism that we are going to provide you.  

The raison d’être of our company is the quality of the service that we offer to our customers.

We have the means and the professionals to always do an excellent job in every remodeling and renovation that we carry out in both domestic homes and commercial premises.  We are known for providing our clients with a complete service in which the client is guaranteed to get what has been contracted and within the agreed time period. To handle this, we have in place a team of professionals and also the continuous supervision of a project manager assigned to each project. 

Other services

At Epic Construcciones we take care of carrying out your project in the work of your dreams, we accompany clients from the conception of the first idea to the last details of its execution without any concern. We offer a personalized service for each type of work and we have the necessary resources to resolve any situation.

We coordinate and advise all types of projects and the phases that are constituted, following a well constituted process so that all the elements that are part of the creation of the work complement each other until we obtain the desired results and be able to deliver to our clients.

More than 200 projects executed

Quality certificates implemented


ISO 9001 (Quality management system)
ISO 14001 (Environmental management system)

More than 200 projects executed

Design. Location. Build. Make.

Our mission is to deliver bespoke and forward-thinking masterplanning in every project.

At Epic Construcciones, we would like to help you answer any questions that may arise, we will be happy to listen to your ideas and to hear your opinions on our work, so we can improve day by day. You can send us your requests filling out the form below or, if you prefer, you can send us an email. You can also phone us or visit our office and meet us in person.

Execution of comprehensive construction projects | New construction and all kinds of reforms in Mallorca

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