What makes a luxury home high-end?

The term ‘luxury’ gets used a lot when it comes to property. But what does it really mean?

High-end homes might come with a higher price tag, but there are a variety ofother factors that make them stand out.

The right location

Where a property is matters, a lot. However, that’s not to say that high-end properties are only found in one type of area.

Right location properties in Mallorca

The property might be in a prime part of a city where the buyer is surrounded by all the amenities they could need, including high-end restaurants and retailors. Perhaps it is in an exclusive gated community with extra security. Or, the property might be surrounded by stunning countryside that affords great privacy.

Wherever the property is, the location is usually desirable in some way.

Additionally, how the property sits on the land can be important, too. For example, where does the sun hit? Is the garden private or overlooked?

The best views

Not all high-end properties come with fantastic views, but it’s not unusual either. In Mallorca, for example, the gorgeous coastline affords panoramic Mediterranean views for the luckiest buyers. You might even find yourself watching the sun rise witha dramatic mountain backdrop as you eat breakfast from your private balcony.

best views in Mallorca

Which rooms get the best views needs consideration, too. Some properties are built around the views, with large windows or specific orientations to let owners make the most out of their location.

Attractive interiors and exteriors

From architecture to interior design, luxury properties should be appealing. The right interior design can help rooms flow into each other, create a distinctive atmosphere, and help a buyer imagine themselves living there.

Of course, design is subjective, but thoughtful and bespoke elements go a long way.

Interiors and Exteriors homes in Mallorca

This is true for the garden, too. Not all luxury properties have outside space, but if they do, it should be landscaped and functional. This means the outside space not only looks good but extends the living space through features such as sitting areas, outdoor dining, or sunbathing spots.

Quality materials

The way the property looks overall is important, but the quality should extend right to the finishes. The materials used might be designer imports, naturally occurring materials, local specialities, or more, all included with high-standard finishes.

Otherwise, the property may look superficially good but lack the quality seen in high-end homes.

Size and space

Luxury properties don’t have to be a specific size. While some are very large with seemingly endless rooms, others are more compact. In that case, the layout will be designed to make the house seem more spacious. This might be done through open-plan living, lots of natural light, or clever storage solutions.

Latest tech

Some luxury homes come with the latest technology systems integrated into them. This might be an incredible smart home system that controls everything from music to temperature. Or, you might find a state-of-the-art security system protecting your home 24/7.

Luxury sustainable homes will include the latest in energy efficiency, whether that’s through passive house construction, integrated technology, or more.

Extra features

High-end properties that have the luxury of space usually have at least a few unexpected features, if not more. For example, you might find a built-in spa, cinema room, or heated swimming pool.

There might be an extra guest house on the property, ready for friends and family to swing by at a moment’s notice.

Quality building work

Of course, no property can be truly high end without building work that is done to the highest standards. At Epic Constructions, we do just that by delivering one-of-a-kind builds.

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