Why is waterproofing your house important in Mallorca?

No matter where you live, good waterproofing is essential. Today, we’re looking at the effects of poor waterproofing, and what you can do to avoid the issues. 

Why is waterproofing essential in Mallorca? 

Mallorcan residents are treated to around 300 days of sunshine each year. With a Mediterranean climate and mild winters, you’d be forgiven for thinking that waterproofing isn’t as important as in other parts of the world. 

In reality, waterproofing your house is vital. Whether it’s from ground humidity, rain, or something else, letting water seep into your home can cause a variety of problems that owners would prefer to avoid.  

waterproofing essential in Mallorca

This is true no matter where you live. For instance, in warm climates, extended sun exposure can cause wear and tear, often in the form of cracks, that can lead to water unexpectedly entering homes.  

Problems caused by poor waterproofing 

When water gets into unwanted places, it can damage a property and cause electrical problems. You might also experience moisture build-up causing damp, which can lead to mould and health problems. If left, the water damage could even impact the value of your home. 

What needs to be waterproofed? 

There are a number of areas that need to be waterproofed in a home, including roofs, terraces, wet rooms, swimming pools, and more. Exactly how you treat the area depends on the materials and usage. 

For instance, a roof needs to not only be waterproof, but also withstand unpredictable weather, UV rays, and more. Meanwhile, a swimming pool needs to be protected against penetration leaks, when water leaks through a pipe or fitting. 

Waterproofing correctly is also a key part of some green energy solutions. For example, if you decide to harvest rainwater or create a green roof, you need to be sure that the best materials for the job are correctly fitted to avoid issues down the line. 

Working with an experienced team will help you make sure you’re using the right materials in the right areas to protect your home. 

When to waterproof your house in Mallorca 

Ideally, waterproofing will be included at the design stage while a house is being built or renovated. That way, there is no disruption to your plans and you can be confident that the waterproofing has been taken care of correctly. 

When to waterproof your house in Mallorca

However, it’s possible, and very advisable, to treat any waterproofing issues that arise even when you haven’t planned building works.  

When you have existing problems 

It’s important to keep your home dry. So, if you spot a potential issue, it’s best to get advice from a trusted expert rather than leaving it until the problem gets bigger. In some cases, the initial cost of getting ahead of the issue can save you money further down the line. 

This is because water can be more dangerous than it seems. What appears to be a small crack or minor wet patch could be an indication of a larger issue. 

It can also be difficult to assess exactly what’s going on without specialist knowledge. For instance, as the US department of energy explains, “a?house?with too much?humid?air in the “building envelope” can have issues with mould and mildew”. However, this isn’t always something that can be easily spotted by occupants. 

Treating waterproofing issues in Mallorca 

As tempting as it might be to treat the problem as quickly as possible yourself, it’s important to contact local, knowledgeable experts who understand the issues at hand.  

Using the wrong solution won’t just mean more work in the long run, it can sometimes make the problem worse.  

For example, if you find a damp section of wall inside your home, simply adding more insulation won’t make it go away if that isn’t the cause. Instead, you could find yourself with leaks that run into other places instead of the cavity that’s now filled. 

Working with experts 

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