Essential tips for full home renovations

Large-scale renovations need careful planning and forethought. With so much to take into consideration, it’s easy for small but important details to get lost in the process. To help, here are important factors to take into consideration for full home renovations and restorations.

Think practically

Before getting to the design stage, it’s important to establish what state the property is currently in. Think about the condition of the building and any structural issues that need to be prioritized.

For this, you may need a professional survey. Otherwise, you could find some unexpected and unwelcome surprises along the way. At this stage, you can also think about the permits and licenses you will need to undertake the work. 

If you’re not sure, contact a professional who can advise.

Keep your end goal in mind

When it comes to design and functionality, everyone has an opinion. At the end of the day, what you need matters the most. Are you currently short of bedrooms or storage space? Would you prefer an open-plan layout? Do you need showers or bathtubs? To help, have a look at similar projects for inspiration.

Hiring a designer early in the process can help you optimize your space and see the different possibilities. After all, although rewarding, full renovations can be costly and time-consuming, so you want the best possible outcome in return.

Understand your limits

DIY can be an attractive option for those on a tight budget. But do your skills match the job in hand? When it goes right, DIY is fun and rewarding, but when it goes wrong it can be costly and cause major issues. Which jobs should you steer clear of?

Visualize the design

The average person won’t know how to read a blueprint or fully understand a design scheme. Instead of imagining it, you can use an app or draw out the idea. Better yet, why not lay out tape or place furniture around to give you a better grasp of the space.

full home renovations

This approach can also help you work out where you want to spend more or less money. For example, a giant island counter might fit in the kitchen. But when you get the measuring tape out, you realize it would dominate the space and that a smaller, less costly alternative would actually look better.

Define your budget (and stick to it)

Planning around your budget means understanding how much everything will cost. It’s a good idea to add a contingency fund and/or budget for more than you expect.

 If it seems your budget won’t stretch to cover everything, you’ll need to prioritize certain elements to help keep costs to a minimum. Your project managers and designers can help with this.

Be prepared

You’ll need to look at the project as a whole and in terms of stages. All renovation projects need careful planning and good organization throughout the process, but larger properties and bigger projects need even more attention to make sure everything stays on track. Experienced construction companies can do this for (or with) you, so you know you’re in good hands. 

Plan for more than just the build

Complete remodelling can affect more than just your house. You will need to find somewhere to live if your property isn’t habitable. Even if it is, there may be periods where living there is more than just a little inconvenient. Is there anywhere else you could go?

Full home renovation Mallorca

Similarly, holidays may delay work or you might have life events that you need to plan around. Taking all of this into account early on means you can create a plan that suits you better.

Find the best company for your full home renovation

At EPIC, we deliver forward-thinking and bespoke constructions. Since 2011, we’ve been working on projects across Mallorca, using high-quality materials and excellent finishes.

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More than 200 projects executed

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