Renovating a Restaurant: Essential tips for success

Restaurant renovations can take your business to the next level.

Although it might seem like a sizeable task, creating a detailed plan and working towards clear goals will help your restaurant renovation go smoothly. We take a look at how to find the right designs to boost your business.

Establish your goals

Renovation shouldn’t simply be viewed as an expense. There are always goals, whether that’s to spruce up tired décor so that the space is more appealing, improve the layout to maximize profits, upgrade features in line with current regulations, or more.

With this in mind, your renovation becomes an investment in your restaurant’s future. So, it’s important to weigh up costs and benefits of your choices as you plan ahead, thinking about how your renovation plan achieves your goals.

Know your space

Every renovation is unique, meaning it needs a tailored approach based on your space. 
It's one thing to look at an empty room and imagine where things should be. But restaurants need to be designed with people in mind. 

So, when you consider your renovation plan, it’s important to think of how your ideas will work as customers and employees flow in and out of different areas.

Your space will have unique features that you can take advantage of, too. For instance, does natural light flow freely through the room? Does the shape of the room create separate areas?

Look for inspiration

Your design reflects your brand and how customers perceive you, so finding a look that aligns with your vision is important. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep the customer in mind. Who is your restaurant made for and what do they want to see?

Santitaura project restaurant in Mallorca

Every detail, from light fittings to paint colour, combine to create a certain feel. Researching design ideas can help you imagine different possibilities for your spaces. If you’re working with a designer, ask to see examples of their previous projects, too.

Define your budget

The budget can feel like the most stressful part of any renovation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Work out a budget (including wiggle room) that doesn’t overstretch you. Then, keep an eye on spending throughout the entire project (or appoint someone to do it for you) so that renovations are kept under control.

Think about beauty and function

It’s easy to get swept up in design ideas, forgetting to factor in how specific features would work in your restaurant. In order for your renovation to boost your business, everything needs to be highly functional for staff. That way they can do their jobs effectively and easily.

This might mean upgrading certain appliances or working out whether there’s anything you can do to improve layout. Remember, you might also need to update features in line with local rules and regulations, too.

Plan your time well

You may not be able to open while you renovate the restaurant, meaning it’s more important than ever to plan well. Creating a thorough project plan with detailed stages will help you work out how long you need and therefore how much downtime is involved.

Your plan will also help you or your project manager during the project; if one area is running late, you’ll know which other aspects of the build will be affected and can adjust accordingly.

Work with contractors you can trust 

You can hire someone to carry out a task, but you can’t control what they do with the instructions. It’s vital to work with contractors and specialists that you can trust to do a great job.

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