Renovate your villa for luxury holiday lets

Holiday accommodation can make or break a trip abroad, which is why it’s important to offer guests a stay to remember. With some careful touches, your luxury villa could be the perfect getaway destination for tourists from around the world.

Is my property suitable for tourist lets?

Whether your property is suitable for tourist lets depends on several factors. First, can you legally let your property to tourists in Mallorca? This is covered at the end of the article, in the section entitled ETV licenses.

Second, would tourists like to stay in your property? You should think about whether it’s close to amenities, the beach and/or mountains, and the airport. Are there desirable views, is there enough space in the property, are there downstairs bedrooms, and is it family friendly?

Of course, that’s not to say a property needs to have all these features to be a successful holiday home. But, when renovating, it’s important to consider your property from the perspective of a tourist, which may be different from a permanent resident.

Renovating for luxury holiday lets in Mallorca

Looking at your property from this perspective will also help you plan your renovations. Luxury holiday homes often feature neutral décor that appeals to a wide range of holidaymakers, and include everything they need for a relaxing stay. Here are some tips to get you started.

Think beyond function

High-end spaces should be functional while feeling luxurious. For example, luxury kitchens tend to include top-of-the-range appliances without compromising the look of the space. This could be done through clever storage, beautiful colour pallets, or other design tricks. There might be enough room for a family to spend time there together, too.

Renovating for luxury holiday lets in Mallorca

High-end finishes are important throughout the house, as well as the use of good quality materials. For instance, the bathroom could include spa-inspired features while incorporating locally sourced materials that fit seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Plan your furniture

It’s one thing to advertise a holiday villa as sleeping up to eight, but it’s another to make sure the rest of the property can comfortably accommodate that many guests, too.

This means considering whether there is adequate seating, dining places, and spots to relax in, without the property suddenly feeling much smaller. Working with an interior design team can help you achieve this.

Consider light

Light is important in luxury villas, especially when the weather and scenery outside are so sought-after. Imagine stepping inside from a glorious Mediterranean morning on your terrace to find a dark, enclosed space. You wouldn’t feel as though you were getting the most out of your trip.

From full-length windows to open-plan living, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make your villa feel light, spacious, and luxurious.

Create a desirable outdoor space

The right garden can be a fantastic bonus feature, particularly for tourists from colder climates who want to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. With some careful landscaping and thought-through terraces, a garden can extend a property’s useable living space, meaning more value for guests. This can be a very attractive feature for families, too.

Of course, many luxury villas include a private pool. Families may request that this is gated for safety reasons.

Simplify maintenance and increase efficiency

If you plan to let out your luxury villa, chances are you won’t be in the property very often. This means that carrying out maintenance could be difficult, especially during high season with back-to-back or full bookings.

Renovating holiday lets in Mallorca

Choosing low-maintenance options such as hardy, slow-growing plants and well-built roofs, along with keeping proper records of maintenance needs, can help you manage the workload. 

Likewise, energy efficiency is key. Guests won’t pay directly for the energy they use, which may cause them to be less frugal than the property’s owner. Planning for energy efficiency could help you keep costs down and benefit the environment, too.

ETV licences for property lets in Mallorca

It’s important to research the rules and regulations on property lets in Mallorca before starting to renovate, seeking expert advice where needed. This is because some properties are not eligible for tourist lets.

In order for tourists to rent your property for short stays in the Balearic Islands, it must have an ETV licence. This is a mandatory rental permit, granted as long as the property meets certain criteria. These can include the property:

  • not being on protected rustic land
  • being more than five years old
  • having the relevant energy certificate
  • not being subject to local restrictions
  • and more.

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