The importance of hotel renovations: why and how

As tourism gets back on its feet, it’s important to offer a high-quality stay. The average hotel stay on Mallorca lasted 5.3 days in peak season last year. If a guest enjoys their stay, that time can generate return visits, positive reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, and more. But that all depends on the experience the hotel offers. One way to improve a hotel’s offering is through renovation and refurbishment.

Renovating to refresh

A tired hotel is anything but attractive, no matter which area of the market the hotel is in. Small scale refurbishments can refresh well-worn interiors with minimal disruption compared to full-scale remodels. Guests are treated to updated, social-media-worthy looks, improving the hotel’s reputation. 

Hotel owners aren’t limited to interiors, either. Hotel signs, terraces, and outdoor dining areas can be revamped to refresh the look.

renovations and sustainability

However, it’s important not to choose style over substance when sprucing up rooms. A hotel is a guest’s base for their entire trip, and comfort needs to be at the centre of the hotel. Otherwise, however nice it may look, guests won’t have an optimum stay.

Functional questions

Of course, not all renovations are undertaken for beauty. In older hotels, in particular, upgrades on electricity and plumbing can be essential. It’s a good idea to consider not just what the minimum requirements are now, but how they will serve you in the future. If you decide to expand, can the current systems be easily adapted?

All work needs to be undertaken in accordance with local rules and regulations by specialists who are adept at working on large scale projects.

Rethinking customer experiences

Renovation is an opportunity to reconsider processes within the hotel that affect both employees and customers. 

This might be something simple, such as the layout of a bar area that can be changed to provide better service. Or, the change might be technology-based, such as implementing a more advanced room key system that is quicker to manage and therefore provides a better experience.

Space in the hotel

When it comes to smaller and boutique hotels, space is often at a minimum (and comes at a premium). Guest and staff areas need to be thought through wisely so that they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is true for larger hotels too; just because space is available, it doesn’t mean it’s being used wisely.

For instance, does the furniture complement the room’s layout? How do spaces in the hotel flow together? Do lighting and décor expand the space or are they used to create an intimate atmosphere?

An experienced architect and design team can help you work out how to better use the available space to increase profits and improve guest experiences.

Hotel renovations and sustainability

In 2022, the construction and operation of buildings accounted for 37% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. This includes everything from transporting materials to direct residential emissions.

Renovating luxury hotels in Spain

Refurbishments provide an opportunity to assess how green a hotel is, and how it can be improved. This might be through aspects such as insulation and thermal bridges, water conservation, or waste management. 

As well as helping the planet, a more sustainable building could increase comfort levels and save money in the long term.

Renovating luxury hotels in Spain

A new report shows that luxury hotels have registered the most growth in the Spanish hotel market recently. With its laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle and celebrity residents, Mallorca is no stranger to luxury. From boutique hotels in Palma to country hideaways near the mountains, luxury hotels can be found across the island. 

The styles and offerings may differ, but quality is at the heart of any truly luxurious hotel. When it comes to renovation this means working with the best materials, teams, and plans.

Renovating with quality

Quality comes from each aspect of your project, from the design to the contractors to the materials. Bringing all these elements together can be a very demanding task. One solution is to bring in a trusted project manager with proven experience in overseeing high-quality work. 

What’s more, working with an expert, reliable construction team who specialise in building and renovation projects across Mallorca is key. 

At EPIC, we use high-quality materials and excellent finishes to create bespoke projects around the island.

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