How to make an energy-efficient home

An energy-efficient home brings a wide range of benefits for both the environment and the occupants.

Today, we’re looking at the improvements you can make for an energy-efficient home.

What is an energy-efficient home?

An energy-efficient house wastes as little energy as possible for heating and cooling. This is done by using the right materials, in the right way, to eliminate heat loss through gaps, poor insulation, and more.

The benefits of energy efficiency

Home energy efficiency is good for the environment and can be cost efficient. It can also improve comfort levels; studies show that better energy efficiency brings “improved thermal comfort, [and] enhanced health and safety.”

Renovations don’t need to break the bank, either. In Spain, there are several initiatives to help homeowners improve their energy efficiency. For example, you might be eligible for certain deductions on improvement works through the Spanish government’s scheme.

Home energy consumption in Spain

Spain hit the global news recently with new rules about heating and air-conditioning temperatures for commercial premises. In reality, it is one of many countries with energy efficiency goals. So, what do those look like?

Spain has carbon neutrality objectives by 2050. In the closer future, there are aims for a 23% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels and a 39.5% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.

Home energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in Spain, where 20.9% of greenhouse gas emissions come from houses, a number the government is looking to reduce.

How to renovate for an energy-efficient home

When it comes to energy-efficient homes, renovators can draw inspiration from passive house construction. Passive houses are considered by some to be the gold standard in energy efficiency. To be awarded the passive house title, buildings need to pass very strict requirements in areas such as airtightness and thermal comfort, amongst others.

Here are the five basic areas that the Passive House Institute says are important:

Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation refers to the exterior walls and roof of your house, which need to be protected against heat transfer.

Passive House windows
Having well-fitted, correctly insulated windows is key when it comes to reducing energy loss.

Heat recovery ventilation
Heat recovery ventilation systems are responsible for reducing heat loss when you ventilate your house.

Airtightness of the building
There are regulations about the maximum uncontrolled air leakage allowed for passive houses.

Absence of thermal bridges
Thermal bridges are areas of a building where heat passes more easily towards the outside and is therefore lost.

Where to make energy improvements

Of course, it’s not always possible to achieve full passive house standards. But that doesn’t mean homeowners can’t improve their energy efficiency at all. Here are several areas to think about:

Wall and roof insulation

Wall insulation is very important for reducing heating bills. Insulation can be added to both solid and cavity walls with different techniques. Likewise, roofs can be a major source of heat loss when poorly insulated.

The direction your house faces

If you’re building a house, or even an extension, its orientation can be very helpful when it comes to maintaining energy efficiency. Think about when the house gets the sun, where the windows are, and how these factors will affect its heating or cooling.

The right heating system

Making sure your heating and aircon systems are up to scratch can help you economise. Are all the elements functioning correctly? Could you make improvements? Could you switch to renewable energy?

Even little fixes can make a big difference. In fact, the UK Energy Saving Trust reports that adding an insulating jacket to a hot water cylinder could save £70 per year.

For more ideas about energy renovations, the European Commission has published helpful guidelines.

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