Find out if you can build a swimming pool on your land in Mallorca.

Undoubtedly, swimming pools are a very important attraction in a house. Especially in summer and if it is a friend's house. But how do I have to build a swimming pool on my land? On which types of land can I build it and on which ones can't I build it?

Urban planning regulations

Swimming pools are not an insignificant element, they alter the terrain and the landscape and therefore require administrative authorization. To know if we can build a swimming pool in a certain land in Mallorca we must know the laws and regulations that affect it.

In general, there are three types of land into which a plot of land can be categorized:

  • Urban land
  • Developable land
  • Rustic land

To these three we should add the rural core land, which is a special type of land with a similar treatment to urban land, but located in rural areas.

Urban land

Urban land is undoubtedly the ideal land on which to build (as well as rural land, in areas where it exists). It is the land of urban environments, including housing developments. If our land is in urban ground, we have to read the concrete ordinances of that zone, to know the characteristics that will be able to have our swimming pool. The normal thing is that the swimming pool, like the main house, has to be set back of the boundaries, that is to say, separated from the edges of the plot, a minimum of 3 meters.

Developable land

Developable land is a type of land that is intended to become urban in the future, but is not yet urban. In order to convert it into urban land, a partial plan must be developed.

Even if we were allowed to build a swimming pool, if we are a small owner, the best thing to do if we have this type of land is to sell it at an adequate price.

Rustic land

The rustic land is that type of land related to agricultural activities, livestock, forestry, or simply that land where you can not build because it is near the sea, a river or any protected natural environment. However, in certain cases it is possible, with due justification.

How to apply for a swimming pool license in Mallorca?

Depending on the characteristics of the pool we can process the authorization as a license or as a pre-approval. In most cases, because the swimming pool implies a soil excavation, even if it is minimal, it is necessary to present a license accompanied by a project carried out by a qualified technician which you can find at Epic Construccions.

swimming pool license in Mallorca

In some cases, if the swimming pool is of small dimensions, it can be allowed to process it with a pre-approval, along with a report also drafted by a competent technician.

If the swimming pool is realized with project, the technician will have to control the accomplishment of the work and the town hall will have to grant us the license of first occupation once finished, as any other type of construction.

If the swimming pool is already built but we have never processed its authorizations, we will have to make it legal by a legalization document, which is equivalent to a construction project but made a posteriori. Both the city councils and the APLU in Mallorca, have more and more resources that watch over the illegalities to protect the landscape.

Price to build a swimming pool in Mallorca

The price to build a swimming pool in Mallorca depends on its characteristics and dimensions. Usually we want an in-ground pool, whether it is a site-built or precast pool. Although precast pools can be a little cheaper, they give us much less possibilities. The only difference is in the container, because the excavation, the floor and the general installation will be similar.

If we want to build an Olympic pool, an infinity pool, a sand pool or a designer pool, the budget can exceed 100,000 euros.


It is not always possible or advisable to build a swimming pool in any place. Before building a swimming pool, please consult Epic Construccions.

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