Exterior renovations: what you need to consider

Over time, any façade can start to look a little worse for wear. Whether that’s because of the heat, weather conditions, or the wear of materials, renovating the front of your house can transform its look. 

Today, we’re looking at what you need to keep in mind with house exterior renovations. 

Why renovate your façade? 

Everyone wants to walk up to their property and feel happy to be at home. Renovating a house’s exterior can make it feel welcoming, creating a link with the interior design that flows through your property. 

Renovating a house’s exterior

Importantly, these types of renovations can also improve the safety of a house; a deteriorating exterior brings a range of problems that need to be fixed and maintained. Renovating can also be a good opportunity to improve your property’s energy rating and make sure everything is up to current standards. 

With these factors in mind, renovating a façade can add value to the property.  

How much work is needed? 

If your house is lacking curb appeal, sprucing up the exterior could solve the issue. With some careful planning, you might be able to simply touch up a few areas for maximum effect.  

But remember, not all wear and tear is aesthetic. If you have problems such as cracks or other damage, you might need more extensive repairs. Or, you might decide to restore a traditional facade, which requires careful consideration. 

Working with a reputable renovation company can help you work out exactly what needs to be done. 

How to renovate your home’s exterior 

Traditional Mallorcan architecture often includes beautiful, rustic features. When we renovate a façade, we can respect and preserve original elements while bringing new life to the front of your house. We believe this is extremely important, capturing the characteristic architecture that makes your house unique. 

Renovating a house’s exterior

Renovating the exterior of more modern homes might take a different approach, due to the materials used and contemporary design features. We work with our clients to create a beautiful façade that they love. 

Here are some tips to get you started 

  1. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve 

It’s easy to look at the front of your house and think that it needs some love and attention. It’s harder to work out exactly what that is. It’s important to decide how much of a change you want. For more radical changes, look around for inspiration; little details, like having the right trim, can really bring everything together. 

  1. Pay attention to your budget 

Defining and managing a budget isn’t the most exciting part of renovating. But if you work with trusted professionals and get quotes for the project, things become easier. When you calculate how much your project will cost, make sure to think about which the most important works are to help you prioritize. 

  1. Keep everything on track 

Working with a project manager can help keep your project running the way it should. We complete highly successful projects alongside LF91, a Mallorca-based company offering project management, interior design, garden landscaping, and more. 

  1. Consider licenses and permits 

The types of permits you may need to carry out your work will depend on where your property is and what needs to be done. This is something to bear in mind before starting work, so everything is in place when you’re ready to go.

  1. Don’t forget the garden 

Imagine wandering up to a natural wooden door nestled in honey-coloured sandstone walls, beneath an arch that’s full of character… only to turn and see that the garden is in disarray.  Having a well-kept garden can truly add to the curb appeal of a house. 

This might mean a little pruning or an overhaul to create a landscaped garden that fits with your beautiful property. Consider your aims; do you want to add privacy, keep the area low maintenance, or create an oasis of native plants? 

  1. Work with a trusted construction company 

We were founded in 2011 and have since built up a wide portfolio of properties in Mallorca. Our work includes townhouses, hotels, luxury villas, commercial premises, and more, always working to the client’s vision. 

We are here to create high-quality renovations, restorations, and luxury constructions across the island. Thanks to our well-established processes, our projects come together harmoniously, delivering a property that our clients fall in love with. 

To find out more about our work, simply head to our projects page. There you can find everything from new builds to renovations, all delivered with the same, high-quality touches. 

At Epic Construcciones we take care of carrying out your project in the work of your dreams, we accompany clients from the conception of the first idea to the last details of its execution without any concern. We offer a personalized service for each type of work and we have the necessary resources to resolve any situation.

We coordinate and advise all types of projects and the phases that are constituted, following a well constituted process so that all the elements that are part of the creation of the work complement each other until we obtain the desired results and be able to deliver to our clients.

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More than 200 projects executed

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