The Basic Guide to Renovating a House in Mallorca, Spain

It may come as no surprise that most houses in Mallorca, Spain, are aging homes. It may be a part of their original attraction, as they have a unique charm and character that few can resist. Although many new homeowners wish to preserve this beauty or restore certain features, they may also want to perform renovations to make maintenance easier, optimize technology and energy, improve comfort, and boost aesthetic value.

Guide renovating house Mallorca

When remodeling a house in Mallorca, you can look forward to a rewarding experience. Yet, it is crucial to know the basics so you can tackle your project confidently. Take advantage of this short guide, which walks you through essential steps to transform your current build into your dream home.

1. Contemplate Your Renovation Goals

It is always essential for homeowners to work out their vision for their new home. This way, when they approach their preferred renovation company, they can present their ideas clearly, collaborate with the team effectively, and prevent mistakes.

Since this is the case, take your time to write down what your home will look and feel like in as much detail as possible. You may also mark down what is truly important to you, as only some of your changes may be possible with the current structure or within your budget.

When it comes to goals, it's not always easy to know where to start. That's why it's a good idea to work with an experienced architect and design team who can help you determine the best approach. Just keep in mind that effective communication will be key throughout the process.

2. Find the Right Renovation Team

When you wish to renovate a house in Mallorca, you must work with the right professionals or team to carry out your project and secure a beautiful home. First, you must determine if you will work with individual experts or rely on a comprehensive renovation team, like Epic Constructions.v

However, extensive renovations require architects, design teams, construction crews, electricians, HVAC teams, and interior designers. In this case, you may be tempted to work with individuals, especially since our modern technology and social media make it seem like we can source experts from just about anywhere and bring them all together.

Despite this, it is best to find a company that can accomplish the whole project with its diverse team or, if necessary, bring in trusted professionals. This way, you can increase the chances of a successful renovation or remodel. You will also ensure the whole process is smooth rather than disconnected and potentially disjointed.

Second, you should look for local renovation teams in Spain. They are likely to understand the local and regional codes and laws, have the relevant building permits, and have a wealth of knowledge on community standards. Accordingly, you can feel more assured that the work is legal and sound.

Finally, it is important to find reputable and reliable companies. If their work portfolio is diverse and their client reviews or testimonials are excellent, it is a good sign that they can perform high-quality work in your home. You will feel more at ease while working with them and more confident about the future results.

3. Consider the Environmental Impact

Over the past decade, environmental impact has become increasingly important for the average consumer. Undoubtedly, construction and renovation can have significant consequences for the surrounding environment. So, as a homeowner considering a remodel, it is essential to factor in eco-friendly processes while still attaining a beautiful home. If you work with a renovation company in Mallorca, you can look into their practices or ask if they accommodate specific protocols.

One of the main ways that contractors can reduce their environmental effects is by sourcing their materials closer to home. While they may not receive all necessities from local suppliers, it is possible to find the majority in Mallorca or Spain.

Furthermore, contractors can invest in state-of-the-art computers, software, and heavy equipment technology. Accordingly, they can reduce waste, bring down energy costs, and prevent needless environmental damage.

Additionally, renovation companies can be rigorous about waste management. They form contracts with garbage or recycling teams, ensure all toxic products are properly disposed of, or even use more new, biodegradable products.

Homeowners can also add environmental objectives when performing remodels, such as lowering energy costs with efficient ventilation, installing smart thermostats, or implementing more natural lighting into their homes.

4. Create Your Budget

It can be difficult for homeowners to know how much particular renovations will cost. If they purchase a vacation home or a secondary home in Mallorca, understanding the markets and the costs may be even more challenging. Since this is the case, working with a dependable team is essential when setting and outlining the budget. They can help you understand ranges and provide close-to-accurate estimates for materials and work.

You can sign a fixed-price contract, allowing you to lock in a particular rate for the project. However, if you opt for a cost-plus contract, you should plan for at least a 15% contingency. It will ensure it can afford to cover any problems that arise during the renovation process, such as accommodating blueprint changes or using alternative materials.

It is a wise idea to seek quotes from various contractors; however, keep in mind that very low prices may indicate quality issues. Always balance the cost with reviews, testimonials, or first-hand results (by inspecting their prior projects) to ensure value. Alternatively, you can negotiate with one preferred contractor to reduce costs to reflect your budget.

5. Plan Your Timeline

The project timeline can be necessary for several reasons, especially if this is your primary home. It can mean relocating anywhere from days to months, depending on the project's scope and the capacity of your renovation company.

Similar to your budget, make sure to give yourself some room to prepare for delays or disruptions in the project. For example, suppose it is a significant reformation project. In that case, you are likely looking at demolition, structural work, drywall and plastering, electrical work, plumbing work, carpentry, tiling, flooring, painting, and interior decorating. Since this can be an extensive process, you may add a few months to the project.

Enjoy Smooth and Seamless Renovations in Mallorca

This short guide covers the basics when it comes to renovations in Mallorca. However, you may still be overwhelmed by all the minor details and all the work involved in renovations. With Epic Constructions, you can enjoy a more straightforward renovation process. Our team offers comprehensive, high-quality remodeling services, complete with expert guidance and support along the way. We are happy to perform various services for our clients; contact us today to learn more!

At Epic Construcciones we take care of carrying out your project in the work of your dreams, we accompany clients from the conception of the first idea to the last details of its execution without any concern. We offer a personalized service for each type of work and we have the necessary resources to resolve any situation.

We coordinate and advise all types of projects and the phases that are constituted, following a well constituted process so that all the elements that are part of the creation of the work complement each other until we obtain the desired results and be able to deliver to our clients.

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